It’s SO IMPORTANT to purchase the correct travel insurance policy! Not for weekend getaways, but for big-ticket vacations.

In the event that you need to cancel your vacation and your reason for doing so is covered under a standard trip cancellation policy, you should recoup 100% of your losses. Cancelling your trip because of fear of traveling due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) is NOT an accepted reason, and therefore, you will not recoup any monies spent. This is because standard insurance policies have declared COVID-10 a “foreseen” event.

As peace of mind, ALWAYS purchase a CFAR policy. CFAR stands for Cancel For Any Reason. It’s an ADD-ON to an existing travel insurance policy. Cancelling because of fear of traveling due to COVID-19 WOULD be covered as long as you cancel within 48 hours of travel. In other words, you can’t cancel 10 minutes or the day before your flight.

A CFAR policy helps to recoup 50 to 75% of the insurers non-refundable and pre-paid travel expenses that are not covered under a standard policy. Only costs that have been added to the policy (like hotel, any pre-paid excursion, flights, etc.) are eligible for partial reimbursement. So, if you added a snorkeling excursion after you purchased the CFAR policy, you need to call the carrier to add this cost to your policy. And, it ain’t cheap. Expect to pay an additional 40 to 60% of the cost of the standard policy.

You also need to know WHEN to purchase a CFAR policy. Typically, it’s 7 to 21 days before travel.

Confusing, right? So many rules. So many variables. It’s best to purchase travel insurance from a travel broker. I use the 5-star-rated Travel Insurance Center at They compare over 100 plans from more than 20 companies, finding a policy that best suits your needs. There are several other companies. Be a wise consumer!

There’s a whole lot of world to see out there, Tour Monkeys. Cover the Earth before the earth covers you!