Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

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Tour Monkey is a proud sponsor of the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center located in Scottsdale, Arizona. As part of our Go Global Give Local campaign, we are asking you, fellow Tour Monkey, to help contribute to this much-needed non-profit. Each Tour Monkey tour includes the 2.9% credit card fee into the price of the tour. By choosing to pay via a free bank transfer from your checking account, we will donate the credit card fee amount to SWCC! For example, the 2.5% credit card fee on the double occupancy Tournament of Roses Parade is $52. Every little bit helps! Tour Monkey will match contributions up to $500 per tour! Their funding relies relies solely on private contributions.

Founded in 1994, Southwest Wildlife has become one of the leading wildlife sanctuaries and rehab facilities in the southwestern United States. When wild animals are found hurt, orphaned or have lost their homes to development, SWCC knows just what to do. Specially trained staff and volunteers are on call to respond to any wild animal emergency. Injured animals are carefully transported to their onsite clinic where they receive immediate care. Whether it’s a dehydrated bobcat in need of IV fluids, or a coyote that requires life-saving surgery, no animal is turned away. The rehabilitation process continues at SWCC, where the animal will have a quiet place to heal before it is released back to the wild.

Many animals that come through their doors cannot survive in the wild.  Some have injuries that prevent them from being released, while others were kept as pets and have imprinted on humans. Non-releasable animals will live out their lives at the sanctuary.

Southwest Wildlife is the only sanctuary in Arizona capable of caring for large animals such as black bears, mountain lions, and Mexican gray wolves. They are a long-standing member of the Species Survival Plan and has contributed to the preservation of the Mexican gray wolf (the most endangered gray wolf in the world) by offering space at the sanctuary to care for part of the captive population.

Due to the recent catastrophic fires that have devastated more than 123,000 acres of the Superstition Wilderness (north of the metropolitan Phoenix area), SWCC has seen a 50% increase in orphaned raccoon, bear cubs, coyotes, and other animals.

Please visit their website at to learn more about them.